What is expansion for LF 1400A ?

 L      – Lakshmi
 F      – Fly frame
1400 – Max Spindle Speed
A     – Advanced

What is the function of Speed Frame?

Drafting, twisting and bobbin building. The purpose of speed frame is to produce out the draw frame sliver into a well prepared roving of required hank, on a well built bobbin for the ring spinning frame.

What is Stretch In Simplex?

It is the difference between the initial and final roving tension.

What is the normal Stretch percentage in Simplex?

Stretch = Below 0.5%

What is the formula for calculating Stretch%?

Stretch%= ((Initial Hank-Final Hank)/(Initial Hank + Final Hank))/2 * 100

 What is Spindle length and Dia.?

Length – 1035mm, Dia – 25mm, Weight – 3.650 kgs.

What is the shore Hardness in top rollers?

80 degree

What is the Total Draft range possible?

3 to 16

What is the Break Draft range possible?

0.93 to 1.34

What is the Count range possible?

0.5 to 3.5

What are the settings of bottom rolls?

45/55/44 mm

What is the top apron size?

37 X 39.8 X 0.9 mm

What is the bottom apron size?

76 X 40 X0.9 mm

What is the life of Top & Bottom aprons?

18 months