Tensile Strength Result Variation In Same Quality In Different Method

Woven Greige fabric Sort Construction-

10 OE PC(40/60) X 10 OE PC(40/60) – 73 X 46 – 65.34” – 2/2 LHT


WARP – 10 OE PC(40/60)

WEFT – 10 OE PC(40/60)

EPI – 73

PPI – 46

WIDTH – 65.34”


REED – 46.8/3

REED SPACE – 67.95”





ACTUAL GSM – 298 (QA Department)

ACTUAL GLM – 498 (QA Department)

tensile-strength-of-woven-fabric-warp tensile-strength-of-woven-fabric-weft

Tensile Strength ASTM D5034 Method-

Sample Size L = 15 cm X W = 10 cm


L = Length

W = Width

WARP  95.60 Kg
WEFT  55.79 Kg


Tensile Strength ISO 13934-1 Method-

Sample Size L = 25 cm X W = 5 cm


L = Length

W = Width

WARP 86.00 Kg
WEFT 52.00 Kg


Note- This is greige fabric construction and all the testing results are greige fabric testing result.


What is greige fabric?
Greige is an unprocessed woven or knitted fabric that hasn’t been bleached or dyed.

What color is greige fabric?
The Greige fabric is typically woven from 100% cotton or blend of polyester/cotton, which gives it a grey or off-white colour.

What does greige fabric look like?

The greige fabrics color is mainly grey or off white. Then this fabric preparing for RFD.

What is tensile strength of woven fabric?

It defined is the maximum load of the fabric that it will endure without breaking when subjected to uniaxial tensile loading.

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